The rumbling of the sky a moment ago and the cool wind that blow in actions of sundown is really great to experience. How peaceful is the shady dusk and thought emerged in the beauty of tranquility is worth writing.

As I scan the spacious sky depicting tendril of clouds, the loudest roar of thunder, the spark of momentary lightning; the soothing movements of green trees around, and the dim brightness of everything is so indescribable but somehow inner thoughts tell me it’s the best moment of the day.

This moment can give you best inspirations, always did.

To recommence those thoughts, those surreal dreams shaped in darkest of nights which you have always wanted to achieve in your life.

Or you can reminisce those moments which you tried your best to fulfill albeit unsuccessful inquest.  Let me proceed, I always believe it’s beautiful out here, enjoying my own company, contemplating over worldly unknown thoughts.

And most smile provoking thing is to realize how big, how different, you look today as if you remember yesterday is your childhood days.

Those innocent mischievous grins, rapscallion attitude where you never stayed in the same place.

And I bet town guys have definitely missed that moment because you know countryside is always aesthetic, you would see that lonely road seldom vehicles running, and you would trail on its hind.

Because those occasional moments are most treasured moments as abundance lacks us the value of it except those misers who gets delighted to accumulate more money, more they earn, stronger their fist against giving becomes. Perhaps it cannot be compared with moments.

Moments matter a lot, the upbringing of oneself, the childhood environments because those moments will define who you are today.

I’m not finished with childhood things, yes playing in the muddy puddle, green things everywhere, those trudging towards school which you had felt farthest wait until you become old, it seems like shortest distance. And those wondering things you will definitely get after grade fifth or somewhere in between, when can I finish tenth grade if you are in middle school. And as you surpass every grade, you imagine those moments passed in leagues of days ago.

For instance, you’d have put into thinking like I could have done that these,

And you will miss your school days.

Imagine that. Above everything generally, I believe life is beautiful, despite all the hardships we endure.

To sum up things, they say life moves on no matter what.

Everyone cannot bring progress and for me looking at people who redefined failure as a second chance and reached sky even from the deepest helplessness is worth of greatest inspirations.

Yes, believe me, you would make somebody

Just dream on…

And transcend those thoughts into real thing. Yes, life is ephemeral but you have still three fourth of your life (generally).

You know that somebody remarked that bird in a hand is worth two in the bush.

It’s in our hand, let’s make it large,

A moment worth remembering.

And the town people tell me your stories,

I see these things through my eyes.

“Life is short, live it. Love is rare, grab it. Anger is bad, dump it. Fear is awful, face it. Memories are sweet, cherish it.”