I feel moments are such an unknown thing. We don’t see but it passes on. At this moment, somebody might be living in comfort with wide smiles or some people into misery. But still alive.  Somebody is damn bored in Samtse. Some red-cheeked guys from Laya might be wondering what the world really is. Women in Thimphu might be under the serious influence of something must be changed in order to gain happiness. So the whole world constitutes of thoughts. You think all waking days. Every minute. Our minds wander here and there. At the end of the day, you try to trace what you have thought all day, it’s lost.  When you are staying idle, your thoughts weaves into some sort of imaginations and it flies into the past and within a second your thoughts are lost into a great yesterday’s swimming day. It wanders. Are our thoughts meant to wander all day long? Or do we have a constructive way to think how to control the wanderings? Isn’t our minds so flexible? You are a doctor of a moment or a superhero from a distant galaxy. oh wow! Mind.

Alas! we wish our action leads to the magical things we covet so much into an instant.  But there’s always a way to achieve those pragmatic things. The things that are meant to be practical.

The thoughts are always active. You see a man at work lost into a deep thought. For instance, the best thought you will ever have is the one when you have a shower. The most conscious thought.  A man is in the shower, serene and unnoticed to all the grimaces and grief he had a couple of moments ago. He experiences the highest level of inspirations. his suppositions into the lot of avenues, circled by a large number of adulating people mesmerized by his versatilities. Perhaps a thought like, “Wait I will show to the World what Really I am.”  Possibly immersed into a most beautiful thought, like an ardent seeker of Superiority.  And When he comes out, the compelling thoughts he had a moment ago disappears into nothingness. Where are that great thoughts?

Somebody said that it’s the one who comes out of the shower and do things that glorify or wins. Come to reality. Inspirations are the backbone of creating things. Are you very very determined to start your journey? Or are you lost into grimacing helplessness? In whatever condition you are right now, whether you have failed in your exam, you shattered your dreams, left by your girlfriend, regret a lot because the things didn’t turn out as you wished, or you are ashamed because somebody mocked you, or you are an enthusiastic writer after reading some one’s marvelous writings you lost into hopelessness because you can’t match up with them, or you remained back home when all your students went to school because you can’t make it, or you are seriously ill and you are detached from the daily routines, or you are so much demotivated that you cannot turn a new leaf.

It doesn’t matter much.  People suffer more than that. Troubles come rolling unexpectedly on a regular basis, amid the sufferings, pain or deepest disappointment life is very much worth living.  Rather than defining your perspective based on what’s going wrong in your life, it is more important to focus on things which will bring you forward. What you think of yourself matters a lot. You have the power within you much more than the highest things you have achieved so far.

More amazing is the people you meet. When you meet different people, a different story is told. We learn a lot of things from people around. Those of disappointments and successes are apparent. If you feel good about the person from whom you draw all the inspirations or helps or you are grateful for the person who resurrected you from the loss and frustrations. You can become that. I want to turn like them. What about you?

The best thing about people like us is the ability to change, turn into new leaf or polish ourselves into the superior version. Let us change.  Focus on the things you love and you will eventually learn to do great.

All the above perspectives are based on my personal feelings. Hope it will uplift and elevate you!