I lingered a day on a majestic hill

Hushed in a perfect hue of springs

When captured in still images

Unheeded to the manifestations.

As eternal remaining forever

Disparate to many aged lonely days

When my hopes were caged

And wings not armed

The days looked in its displeasing laws

I had heavenly soul all the growing days

Now a heavy weeping heart

I entered the sightseer’s shack

With my expectations
as big as the dawning sun

For I have undergone
deepest of heartbreaks

Farthest into the doomed dreams

Mind tormented into fractures unhealed

Despair, unwelcomed agent
Gnawing my heavenly soul

With these, I walked that one day

Into a sightseer’s chapel

To seek a divine, pristine path

The expectations deliberately

turning into beautiful realizations

The profundity of preciousness
at its highest zeal

The hope for the tantalizing rich life

Turn into picturesque of the presence

So I asked million thirsty questions

Into one understanding of lines

There the crystal eyed man

Spoke high and confident

Oh! Man your constellations is high

Rise up to do the chores

For what you seek is always yours

Keep your dreams
on pinnacles of search

Your hopes, always at the peak

And the glory insurmountable

A story of moon’s ages back

With obscured oddness nod

I ventured for the justice of sense…