My friend asked me

What I am

And my acknowledge as if of doubts

I sought the answer of a human

Can that be wrong?

I sought myself for long

Seeking myself for joy

Until the wisp of ignorance fades

I was more to a what I’m.

I was a shimmering star

A shooting star in its unending realms of glory.

What I am to the heart of humane

I was a peace in undisguised forms

I was a failure in a moment’s grief

I was the smile amidst the victories

And zealous being amongst

the tale of ephemeral.

I looked at the ascend of superiority

Into a quest for paradigm heights

Yet more I get is only of despairs

Oh, soul! Why so desperate?

Am I not a light to a thoroughfare?

Still, I was more than that

I questioned me to the happiest of times

To the abyss of forlorn struggles

I was into a dimension of places

My quest lost into a windswept plains

To the agony of burning deserts

Through the sheer mountains

Into a forsaken gullies,

The forbidden meadows

I plunged through the displacements

of unknown times

To my past, my questions unheeded

Into moments of desperate tenacity

Failed, clasped my mind in will o’ wisp

I was a regret borne of forgotten years

What am I in days to come?

I asked every soul alone

I peered into a dimension of feelings,

Oh, soul! You cling for rarity apace

What am I? I little know you

What do I seek from the delicate tundra of obsessions?

I passed over the agile unwelcomeness

Who am I?

Until the one beautiful dawn, I embarked

The dawn about to welcome its day

With all the inspirations I garnered

I departed for the unfathomable future

Into a matter of ceaseless chances

Through the unending journey, I so covet for

I so covet for

And I knew what I am!

For the struggle proved its rewards

Then I was a star, rising star

Brighter still when night looked dark

I was a sun fighting amidst the cloud

I was a warmth to the left ones

I was an individual with unequaled privileges

A source of ascending fascinations

An influence into a larger soul

And the soul that sought happiness

And I knew well what I’m…

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