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Flabbergasted love lost with times💙


The thoughts beautified

In a million verses of love

When I went away

From the immature hatreds

And sang for  love

To the one species entirely of love

Thence, thee all in aids of love

Into every stolen thought she emerged

Her glances sprinted to touch my soul

Her moves summoned whole of my life

Existence in every botheration of love

I was everywhere but into you

I was joyous as triumphed king

Bounded to the souls of rarity

My love don’t swarm my thoughts

Don’t make my time stay still

When I askance you of love

For I must know the taste of love

I’m ceaseless monsoon rains

I rain for the glory of growth

I’m a joyous warmth of sun

Submerged into flames of love

My mood best in zillions of universe

You are the world to me

You are in every blink of my eyes

I yearn you in every space of soul

Amidst all these, we are the

boundless loves of eternity

But monsoon must bequest

It’s days on behalf of falls

Into time of different scenes

My love ended like a monsoon days

Heart ached against remedies

And when more times assembled

I had more memories to keep.

Tantalizing and cherished ones

Ah, those love!

It ended like intricate patterns

smudged for the new paintings

smudged for the new paintings

Thee all in support of stupidity

Clasped into suffocations of foolishness

Love was temporal caged bird

More happiness when free,

Love was not meant for us

Out of love, far away I perished

Into a matured knowings of soul searchings

Never will I look back again

Stronger being

will I come out one day I promised

For every beauteous isn’t for me

More lessons on every glittering

things are not gold

So showed the varied smiles same

More matured now

I immersed into the world

Beauteous of all

What is more needed?

More than a love of kith and kin

As love proved the turmoil to soul

I rose yet again to the serenity of love

The love away from the crush

The matured yearns for rising

So I disappeared into the pages

The truest of love in every reads

Why would I search for the incompatible love?

When I love more to myself

Thence, I hated the fickleness;

That youthful crush when welcomed

More daring to the agony of self…

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