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the sun is awake by its sources
herald in mind wakes a man up
eagerness filled for day to turn away,
that turns their lethargy to perish
you will see the sun up
glaring with its scorching rays
and propel hard on man’s back
he cares not that adverse task
and yet this pupils story unfolds
longingness awaits
amidst a try
dreams haunting in
every moves
and I see a walk into country sites
When the days came by
I’m here with the pals all experienced
me, the amateur turned long
works with a cascade of perspirations.
mind longs in the untried task
haven’t I savored a taste long now?
obsession hauling with clock’s move
I made my mind of its endings
I possessed now,
however hard the
task called
calloused only my hands
the spirit sang still the joy
I cared not the momentary pain.
pride in aid in every time
yet poignancy for the
hardships they face
I’m all minded to assist
in every move
For every struggle welcomes rewards
may it be the small
the joy it brought counts…