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Best Moment Poem: On His Trail, I Rose!

One moon illuminated dawn

When my soul stayed best to the welcoming day

to the welcoming day

A story so enchanting unfolded

Story that remained for eons

When the slow giant sun

Rose high breaking the dawn

From the lost space to a fiery red ball

My previous memories all half lost

I chose the chores the day asked

I witnessed the moments so envious

Through the windows of my soul

So green

There I watched the growing sun in delight

growing sun in delight

He arrived with tide full on sail

On a golden chariot of fascinations

He came as fierce as storms

His urges ignited as fast as lightning

Through the cells of hopeless cage

Fear left behind to the forgotten miles

From a figure unknown to me

Now my highest admirations

He rose high, soared very high

With such his passions I was lost

with adjectives to praise him

with adjectives to praise him

His charisma, my utmost desires

Humility as best as I can feel

His visions most meaningful as I gaze

My whole of world has halt

Oh, my paragon!

How unique this being looks

His minds embossed of virtues

For him the every dawn

Envisioned ocean of chances

When more time passed

He is best of all

With no boundaries

No lengths

The real epitome of love

And I was awed to my spiritual beings

When his deed all in kindness

His knowings as high as an awakening soul

an awakening soul

His voices all ambrosial healings

He came that sunny morning

To rescue my lost soul

No longer fear tormented me

And the love welcomed me in arms

I thought to myself

I was a being of magnificence

One special creature of knowings

As my paragon rose highest

I was on his trail

Persistence defying all

Soon I grew tall

As ageless as times

As precious as treasures

I was born again…

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