People says traveling make us wise. It’s indeed true. The best thoughts are always on my side whenever I travel. I reflect back how I could have done a particular thing properly or imagine about how I should take prudent steps towards uncertain future. Or get caught into a consciousness of elation when I am progressing well.

Sometimes we get pulled by the unexpected urgency in a given task. The time seems inadequate and as a whole unprepared. So we try to submit ourselves in the best way to fulfill that. The travel work was something wholly unexpected for me.

I traveled for the whole of the day. Thinking everything. But one thing that particularly stayed in my attention is a contrast of  Constructive thoughts and Destructive thoughts.


What you are is all because of your thoughts; ceaseless thoughts, carefree thoughts, wandering thoughts, determined thoughts, envious thoughts, romantic thoughts and so on…

Keeping aside the mediocre thoughts of remaining as it is, the two kind of thoughts which I noted above makes us understand how some people get engulfed by hopelessness and some rise above through unfathomable alacrity.

For instance, You thought you’re thwarted by luck and simultaneously you fell victim to a serious accident. You’re hospitalized. You think you’re going to die. At times you felt your world is broken into fragments and doomsday mercilessly waited like tapering end of threads. Your grief if measured in real, you reckon it invaded every cell of high spirits.

Alas! You thought  you’re shattered. You cried your heart in and out. You were remorseful in every seconds. You saw your life turning upside down with  bitterness. After an eons of hysterias and nostalgias, you survived with bad thoughts. You proved to be your worst critics. There wasn’t charm at all. You’re lost into misery, stress and depressions. Happiness, all snatched because of your thoughts.



And there was other guy, with the same conditions. He always hoped  what if he survives. There’s always hope for him.

He wanted to survive, resurrect even if it was an uncertain agony. Even though he was in excruciating pain, his mind for striving was so high. He thought of coming better days. He would be alright from all those physical ailments. He accepted even if he was badly mutilated or handicapped, he’d stand tall, survive all the adversaries. He was content and happy through all his times. That is Constructive thinking because he tried to mend his pains to live. If they were meant to die, no one can stop that. But both of them aren’t dead.

It’s not the situation that’s causing your stress, it’s your thoughts, and you can change that right here and now. You can choose to be peaceful right here and now. Peace is a choice, and it has nothing to do with what other people do or think.

~ Gerald G. Jampolsky

Similarly, when life takes you towards difficulties and hurdles, you should scrutinize the huge possibilities of overcoming the worse. There’s always a well maneuvered constructive ways.  Believe me! When life looks to be at its grimmest, there’s always a little light in heart of things. The possibilities. That’s how you think constructively.

And eventually these small good thoughts when summed up builds strongest force. The highest determinations. What is more needed?

Ah! Yes. Transcend those thoughts into reality. Act on those compelling thoughts. Go and make it practical. And if you are ever welcomed by choices and confusions. Think it well. Focus. You will make out something worth having…



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