Poetry & Expressions

The Memories of The School Days!

Things lost in its deep thoughts

A moment so void resurrects

The music of reminiscing eons

Vague with its vanishing lapses…

I’m a pupil burdened with senses

Smile perched on every meets

Glorious head high on pride

Everyone’s welcome at inches

There exist mischievous smiles

Squinted eyes in every nervousness

Ask me not the questions my mentor

Brilliance lied in my pals seat

And so goes the passing moments

Some in captive of warned boundaries

Some unheeded runaways

As bounded thrills all, we seek

What was the essence of studies?

Life clung on so much tenacity

Yet carefree leisure on mind

Seeks glory in utmost longingness

Forgot the struggling times

Lost also a grimace showups

Two souls imprints in my mind

Infallible even when the hardest time calls.

There existed a being

His voice as ambrosial as honey

Shyness resembled never ending cruise

Move spiced with traits of actor

And stayed a guy with touch,

Furnished with every creativity

Pain he endured is inconceivable

Conscience brewed in all his experience.

Many suns so golden went by

With times welcoming task

We are gone remote in space

Yet nearest in memory of brotherhood…

Dedicated to my two best mates.

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