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Spring: Days in the Season of Joy!

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This wonderful world
Filled with healings
For the vista of pleasures to come
Beautified in full charms of creations
The new inaugural when
The nature applause with rejoice
Ever more serene and timeless
The river flow fresh with energies
Behold the scenes of sprouting greens
The sky festooned in joyous images
Perfumed from the divinity of airs
This is what spring days brought
Aura, happiest in million galaxies
When the world nearly perished
The trees cried in barren woe
And the land parched in disgrace
This spring came in full swing
Carrying hopes of new life
And the promises, sure to stand
I, the dweller of happiness
Brought no new dreams
But the ones sabotaged in despair
The beaten, forsaken dreams
Was thick again to my radiance
Springs are the resurrected dreams
Realized from thousands of happenings
It’s of hope when nearly dead
Timed for assured revivals
From the doomed despairs
Assumed wrong
And the epitome of best wonders
That shall sanctify my bad minds
Into ambrosial feelings

The spring acted the best
To my wilted, broken soul
So I shall cling hardest
As a maimed sentient’s praying
In thirst of auroral healings
For all the recoveries
It shall exist for the love of growth

This spring with all its air
Foretold the shattered world
Into pieces of convinces
That evangelical zeal of change
Shall unite the hassled mind
Into a peak of appropriateness
So, with soul filled with energies
I witnessed the flower cast
Intricate hue in every marvel
Spelled to its joyous entourage
The shades spreading its coolness
And the ambiances,
All who dwell delightfully sang
Their heart in and out for joy
For they believed in magic
Of gifts the spring brought
When the final throes of winter
Was aroused again into life
The presence more lively
And this incredible spring graced…


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