Oh time, I’m hasty in breath;

The world is in swirl of welcomes

The welcomes that sway,

Your patterns intricate in wherewithals.

These welcomes are the souls of wary dryness,

The bud springs into its lush

The fruit running into its taste of sweetness,

Uniformity in views of every inch

Behold the greenery around,

The land no more parched

The downpour legacies puddles

Aromatic I sense the smells.

And when the sun shines hard,

It no more make hatred in my soul

But to usher feelings in indecisive drizzles.

The resurrection to my coveted moods.

How beautiful is the lone sky.

Sometimes crimson festooned glances.

It’s a treasure  of spacious jewels

Those tendrils of cloud swimming

And the promises fills my heart

Promises enigma in its find outs

Deeper and vast is the uncatchable voices.

Perpetually enshrined in my heart

Hey soil I want to hear the things

Affines you keep for petrichor

Though periodic you come my way

I care is your ambrosial smell

The sweetest sounds of resonance on my crown

Rain are the connection you keep

Current of consciousness in my mind

I am lost amidst your times

I forget the very origin of me

The cool breezes transforming me abstract

Lost in persuasion of monsoons

I’m on a level you won’t meet…



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