O' man lost into deep thoughts
Think aloud the words 
of dying urges
Full with the love of humanity alive
I shall tell you the story
of riches
So innocent were you
With the first cry of 
mysterious air
Naked flesh yet sweetest
 care awaits
The cover of warmth and the 
laughter of joy

And a little older progress in mind
Your desires filled with
mountainous wealth,
The pursuit of wealth to
the tireless endeavors;
Maketh you to pave the abundances

Your endeavors so daring
Prayers bounded
to chase the wealth
Saddened longingness 
at homes
So lost you're for the entire youth

The rewards yet unknown miles
The speculation less far-fetched in mind
Finally made up for good,
There you are with wealth

Alas! The soul has lost its humanity
The charities gone wrong all years
Fist clenched as 
for the gluttony; 
spendthrift there of,
Entire life's dedicated 
to one's wanting.

Have you forgotten 
the helpful hands?
A kind hearted soul by your side?
The happiness shared for benefit
 of ones
A parent, a kith and kin

O man I tell you facts;
A good shelter, clothing and a food
An entire life around your love
What's less abundant than that?
For your coffin rots alone

Where are you
lost for the pursuit of wealth?
Don't you know the world is in grief?
Oh rich man! 
Gone rags to riches I know,
Lend them your heart of gold!

Share your survival 
for the sake of God
For there's what I know of 
Your reflection of laughter 
for the forsaken beings
That's what really counts
For the happiness is a gold,
 rare and ultimate...