The sun was coming up, the pure, colorless vastness of the sky stretched over him and the vague sound of roosters heralded from the downhill villages.

The extent of area bore a chilly weather settled by an Orthodox Sherpas. Even though the place looked barren, it had its unexploited beauties.

A man with surprising vigor, dressed in black carrying a backpack stood a little distance from others in the heart of chilly Himalaya.

He is Aryan Wright. A Canadian climber who had success over climbing world’s renowned peaks. He was a man of utmost determination then. Aryan fancied traveling akin to his Zodiac Sign – Sagittarius who is meant to be a traveler, wanderer or whatever you feel right. He was overwhelmed, astonished and delighted to see the giant still peak at peace over him.

Aryan knew very well that nobody ever been to the summit of Everest.

It had a long history claiming that many enthusiastic climbers in the past had their endless endeavors on climbing but only the recorded failures remained imprinted on World Guinness Record. His companions were newly joined amateur and novice climbers with the thought sure to achieve. They caught him soon over the edging stones.

“It’s regretting to come here,” one of them shouted.

“Not really, you can do it,” Aryan said more to himself than other.

He was almost four hundred meters above sea level accompanied by a woman who had an inexplicable familiarity. She was a blonde with gorgeous hazel eyes, fit body, charming and vivacious in looks. This gave him unfathomable alacrity to move on.

He and the woman are known to be Hermione, looked down the steep slopes they had come examining others whereabouts. They showed no sign of coming and both of them began to scrutinize the steep zones ahead, describing how dangerous the loose sedimentary rocks seemed. The climbing felt very hard for them at the beginning nevertheless the aesthetic and glimmering snows gave them solace from the bustling cities.

Soon their whole streamed body parts began to become numb. The cold was agony. Their whole body screamed in protest to the ice and began to feel like suffocating.

They put on their life-saving oxygen tube from the backpack and tries over the tiresome and hardest slope, holding meticulously and in a well-maneuvered manner.

Their hand showed agonizing blisters but the pain was lost to the freezing ice.

The world changed right at that moment. An expanding avalanche of icy snow flowed down with enormous force. This crucial moment failed to save Hermione and swept her away with its malicious speed. It was tragic. He merely grimaced his helplessness, only the burnished image got printed on his retina, it obscured his vision, disorienting him in absence.

It enveloped him, seeming to crawl over the skin, throbbing in his chest and clogging his throat. He had imagined himself standing hand in hand in snowy Lane under a dark blue sky in which the night’s first stars were already shimmering feebly. Aryan was ached with sadness to lose her. The empty word couldn’t disguise the fact of her death. He knew she was gone. She was the most cultivated of the lady and the very picture of respectability. He felt that now. How he wished to see her again. So daring and dauntless was Hermione. Now he felt as if he lost something very dear to him. He was left in the middle of nowhere, confused on a meandering journey. A Sagittarian as a mountain climber about to die in the unexplored mountain without anyone seeing him. His mind was filled with utmost regret and resentment.

“God save me!”,he prayed uncountable times till he composed himself. He decided to move back but something strange provoked him to move forward. He followed his feelings and began to proceed upward imagining the weary ways ahead of him. The energy, strong enthusiasm inside began to exhaust. The more far-fetched his speculation to move forward became. He thought he may die perhaps it was his last day. Who knows?

Only the immortal God knows that.

Slowly the sun drifted towards the West and the dusk crept over the place. He hurried towards the roughly plain point and camped there. It was impossible to ignite the fire. He rummaged out the desserts from the backpack and had a dandy savor on it. He crept under the quilt. How can so many things happen in a single day?

And he dozed off after a dreary climb.

The following morning, the sun showed up too early and he got ready with cold bacon, bread and pomegranate jam. He started off immediately, climbing with new energies. The altimeter showed 7800 meters above the sea level. The climbing felt harder than before. Now he realized why men failed to come there. He longed for home.

Aryan hallucinated himself sleeping on the world’s coziest bed, the soothing warmth and peace it gave. He thought if he was to choose between climbing mountains and to get renowned or to go home without prominence, he would have heartily chosen to go home, where his memories are embedded. The time sometimes play a nasty trick, whenever he is in the state of euphoria, it gets over soon but during mundane days, it takes such an eon to exhaust an hour.

After two days of immense hardship, Aryan made to the summit. Simply to be alive to be to watch the sun rise over the sparkling snowy peaks ought to be the have been the greatest treasure on earth, yet he couldn’t appreciate the glory.

His senses had been spikes by the calamity. He was very tired, the excruciating pain overruled him. His legs and hands became numb and dead.

He, with his last vigor, stood up and had a panoramic view around the rim of incredible Himalayas, both fascinating and strange it felt. At an instant glance towards one point noticed a queer human like figure. In spite of being sick, he moved towards the figure to examine what it was. He was dumbfounded, lost and confused to see a woman covered with ice laying still.

He came to realize he was not only the first to come there and achieve success. There is countless human colonies, individuals having great potentials to achieve their long coveted aspirations no matter what gender they are.

The strange pride swallowed him staring at the dauntless woman who managed to reach there. Even though she died, she was forever the first woman ever to climb the world’s far fetched and unexploited peak – The mighty Himalayan…