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My Best Moment’s Poem: This Winter Days


Time’s so abstract in its origin

Yet seasons more inconceivable

Till it hails with ecstatic auras

I, the splendor perceiver of joy

Embraced the changes it beautified

Tuned more in my lost mind

So did the winter days come by

With lessons perched in every view

A journey once embarked with zeal

Must end with the glory sought

And the annuals into its rebirth

Fewer signs I understand is temporal

Yet something remained eternal

The joy of change

The beauty of moments

See the energetic turned frail

Like a graceful spring aged through falls

The winter is bequest old days

Lived in bliss of years

More to the lessons of fault

But sadden not for old my soul

As new things have borne to every wither

See the dry earth

Behold the creamy sky dusk shows

Isn’t there a beauty?

Manifested in uniqueness?

Bringing longingness in the heart?

So I shall begin my clock

With nature acting bosom pal

From the south,

I departed north

Cherishing the warmth

Of month’s past generous act

Because spring will call soon

I’m traumatized for the reach

With you being more chilly

Stronger the whispering angry winds

Soon I departed away for the curl

As the spring shortened near

Oh, winter! You are more grieving

Through the snow capped hills

I must but build a den;

Warm and opulent

To enjoy the grandeur conveyed

Unheeded the hostility it gave

From the north,

not all accepted stories enthralled me

So the miraculous talks stayed

For long, away from the hearth

Like an eternal soul kept loose

More lessons to learn I thrive

Traveled back to Southern Hameau

The snow melted as if nature wept

There, I saw a real charm

The wounded leaves bled willing

My heart ached a while

But all that began, ends

There, new energy assembled

in barren unseen

I cuddle you here,

My beloved winter!

Now I’m to the earth

Far far away from the sky

From the towering trough

To the melodious feelings of warmth

And I forgot the bizarre

Wintry night of the North

Season amongst the ultimate

Grief not again

As the new mood prevails

For those, who longed for change

A spring shall come to you

Like a boundless dew

To a boundless ocean

For I knew well

It’s coming again and again

Forever and ever

May the body perish as mortal

Soul lingers persevering,

For peace, for the winter to cease

And you seek winter

When forgone

And it’s ready to come again…

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